Yves-Marie(Joe) Le Sann (son of Jean-Marie Le Sann)

Yves-Marie Le Sann and wife Anne-Marie Lavanant

History Line

Yves Marie Le Sann
Born: February 28, 1890 in Bretagne, France. Died: January 21, 1964 in Saskatchewan, Canada. Number of children: 2
Ann-Marie Lavanant
Born: July 31, 1889 in Bretagne, France. Died: November 18 1974 in Saskatchewan, Canada. Married: May 11, 1911


Alain Le Sann
Born: April 28, 1912 in Saskatchewan, Canada. Died: December 15, 1971 in Saskatchewan, Canada. Number of children: 1

Pauline Le Sann
Born: December 18, 1913 in Margo, Saskatchewan, Canada. Number of children: 4

Pictures & Comments

Yves Marie (Joe) and his brother Jean-Marie arrived in Margo Sask., in 1910 from France then shortly there after went back to France to get married. Yves Marie (Joe) and Anne-Marie Lavanant got married in France on the 17th. of May, 1911, and his brother Jean-Marie and Anastasie Lavanant got married on the same day. The four left for Canada shortly thereafter which took about two weeks by ship, many got sick on the ship. I had heard word that they where planning on coming in April, 1912, on the Titanic (good thing plans changed). When they arrived at Margo, Sask., they stayed with Francois and sister Anne Yvonne Le Sann. They built log homes on their homsteads. Yves Marie (Joe) farmed in Margo until he retired then moved to Victoria BC, and his son Alain took over the farm. You could spend hours listening to Yves Marie or Alain and there stories. As a grandson I would give full marks to Yves Marie and Anne-Marie, they where the greatest and I miss them.

Home of Ann-Marie Lavanant at Plabannec, Bretagne, France, prior to going to Canada; beside the home was a Flour Mill owned and operated by the Lavanant Family; now the site is owned by the Town as a park.


Yves Marie Le Sann and wife Anne-Marie Homestead on the North East 1/4 of Section 6, Margo, Sk., (1911), then moved north of Margo to Section 10.

Bindering at Margo, Sk, 1930's

Threshing at Margo, Sk, 1934

Alain & Pauline at Margo home

Pauline and Brother Alain on the school wagon, 1923, the only form of transportation to go to school for them at that time.

Yves Marie (Joe) Le Sann's winter mobile during the 30's, drawn with horses, daugther Pauline 1999, Margo, Sk.

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